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Karate JuJitsu - Karate Aerobic Bracken Ridge - QLD

We are Non-Profit Organization

   Academy  Wadoryu Karate Australia inc.   For Disabled  People Brisbane               We are Non-Profit Organization

The Karate JuJitsu club in Brisbane

specifically for people with disabilities, according to the Karate Federation.

Our Karate club  would like to offer the possibility to young people with learning difficulties and disabilities the opportunity to take part in sport. 

 Karate  JuJitsu :

Today the public disability (mobility impairment, visual, auditory and mental) can practice karate with adaptations.

For the motor disability, the Katas are adapted with the explanation of the bunkai line in the traditional pattern. This  operation allows the practice of the competition. wkf-parisThus, several countries already organize tournaments. IMG 6937-web

The Kumite it can be played in competition too, but only for certain types of motor disabilities.

Karate Jujitsu Self Defence:

Some people are attracted to the practice of karate  self defence in order to gain greater self-control and confidence.

This form of practice will see some adjustments in regards motor impairment.


Dreams are made to be made with or without disabilities, through the will and courage, great things can be accomplished, even the wildest dreams! Currently, it is important to change the vision that people wear on Disability. For this it is essential to reach out to others, talk to them and introduce them to our life, our universe so that they realize that we are not so different from them, because we like them, citizens full. With each new encounter, the look changes and things progress, we must continue to educate others.

"Who triumph itself has the force" (Lao Tseu)

More info please contact :

Peter Champion

O430 198 259

Email us: [email protected]

         Karate for Disabled people 

 Karate Proven Beneficial for Individuals with Autism

 read the article

    Karate Lessons 

for people with learning disabilities 

 Monday 6.30 to 7.30 pm

 Wednesday 6.30 to 7.30 pm


  We are located at Norris Road State School

                 28 Greenore St. Bracken Ridge

                         Wheelchair Access     

            Wheelchair Accessible Toilets





                             Rules and Regulations

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