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Karate is the ideal sport for kids for building self-confidence, balance, co-ordination, discipline

 Karate Jujitsu Grappling for Kids 

 conduct  children's classes 

in wadoryu Jujitsu grapplins self defence, and competitive Sports Karate in the Government accredited Australian Karate Federation tournaments.

Wadoryu Jujitsu Grappling combines the best of the Traditional Curriculum of Japanese Karate with modern self defence theory and practice.


The capacity of the martial arts to promote physical and mental health is widely appreciated and documented. Some of the positive changes in your child's life will be noticed immediately once they start training, other changes will develop over time.

What are the benefits?

Cardiovascular fitness is a major benefit, large portions of each martial arts class are aerobic-type activities in which children must breathe properly, thus pushing oxygen to all parts of the body. This helps and increases the child's breathing techniques and strength with in the lungs itself therefore strengthening the oxygen supply to the body.

Muscular strength, increases with consistent low impact exercises and techniques. The martial arts develops strong arms, legs a torso muscles, these muscles are vital for the balance and stability of the child as they play and grow in every day life. A strong balanced child, is far less likely to fall or loss balance, than a child with a under developed muscular system.

Quick reflexes, some people are born with naturally quick reflexes, but most have to develop them. Many times people have saved a falling glass etc that has been knocked off the table, before its smashes on the floor, and thanked their quick reflexes. These quick and lightning reflexes are developed through sports and especially the Martial Arts. Classes present many opportunities for children to improve their own reflexes are they react to the drills in class, their partners moves and to the commands of the class instructor. Many training drill are specifically design to improve alertness and reflexes.

Flexibility, we have all seen our children amaze us with their exhibitions of flexibly when they are young. As children grow, their bodies change and their legs often grow faster than their torsos. Normal play activities don't always keep the muscles and ligaments limber and flexible during this time of growth. Martial Arts classes include simple stretches and warm ups which help keep children limber, and over a period of time, can re-create their earlier flexibility. Increased flexibility enhances children's abilities to play, jump, climb, run, skate and walk, and it also lessons the chance of injury.

Coordination, as well as reflexes, flexibility and fitness the martial arts also improves coordination, taking classes throughout their childhood helps children to work through the awkward growth stages, to continually make adjustments to their ever changing bodies. In class they learn a variety of basic footwork, kicks, punches and blocks, these are all put together in sequences which improve focus, discipline, control and coordination. Once these basic moves are refined and coordination is improving more advanced moves are introduced such as rolls, throws and break falling, these moves takes the child's coordination to new higher level.














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Compared to joining some gyms and hiring some personal trainers, training at a Karate Jujitsu school or dojo is relatively inexpensive.

Karate Jujitsu charge a very modest monthly fee for training and the beauty of this is you can train when and as often as it suits you.

In addition to low ongoing training costs, buying a uniform and any equipment you may need to train in most cases will be relatively inexpensive as well.

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