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Karate JuJitsu - Karate Aerobic Bracken Ridge - QLD

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Karate & JuJitsu include blocking, striking, kicking, joint locks and throws.

Both jujutsu and karate have throws, in jujutsu you break your opponents balance, often with pain or strikes, and throw him with minimum effort. In karate, the throws are more strength oriented.

Traditional Jujitsu was developed on mainland Japan hundreds of years ago and was used as a self defense by the samurai.
In addition to weapons training, traditional Jujitsu has ground work, falling, throwing, joint locks, submissions, as well as striking. This means that Traditional Japanese Jujitsu, is a complete martial arts system.

As for karate, it developed isolated from mainland jujitsu on the tiny southern island of Okinawa. Its roots go back hundreds of years to Chinese kung-fu as well as to an ancient indigenous marital arts style of Okinawa.

 A GOOD modern karate dojo will offer an education in self defense using striking, blocking and to a lesser degree, throwing and submission techniques.

 The one biggest difference between traditional jujitsu and karate is that karate is the art of the "empty hand" or fighting without weapons. Karate fighters learn from training how to defend against weapons, they just don't bring them to the fight. This is because for a long time, weapons were forbidden in Okinawa and those living there came up with karate to defend themselves.

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