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Karate JuJitsu - Karate Aerobic Bracken Ridge - QLD

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                  JuJitsu Submission Grappling Self Defence Brisbane  

Karate JuJitsu Submission Grappling

Self Defence Brisbane

No Gi - JuJitsu or Submission Grappling classes are available.

    v Self Defence

Involves armed and unarmed combat, arrest techniques with a focus on fitness.

You will learn tactical grappling techniques from one of the best in the sport today.


Helps you immensely in handling confrontations, while being able to take charge of a situation in a calm manner. Your intuition combined with your training, will assist you in controlling a difficult situation.


Is the A-Z of martial arts and is an easy transition to further training in any style of Self Defense.

Has been designed for people who are just beginning martial arts.


The wast majority of martials arts today do not prepare practiotioners for real assaults.


In a serious situation where your or a loved one is being harmed, it is not cool or romantic like how it is depicted in the movies or in a martial arts exhibition. In the case of a brutal attack in real life, where somebody wants to hurt or kill you, it is not pre choreograp hed or planned in advance.


The outcome is not decided beforehand Neither is it decided how the enemy is going to attack you etc.
Being assaulted is nothing like you thought it would be. Your heart will beat fast, your adrenaline will be rushing into your system, and your body is preparing for fight or flight. Now you will know your training skills and this will be the moment of truth.

A fight in real life is nothing like a sports competition. There will be no referee and you cannot win on points.

In sports there are many rules however when the lowlifes in the streets attack you, there are absolutely no rules at all. They will show no mercy, it will be violent, brutal, aggressive, savage, and ruthless.

The majority of criminals attacking you may be armed with a weapon; will you be prepared for that?

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